Probably the most common question I get here at Charfish is, “Why does design even matter? What’s the difference between putting out great content and putting out great content that also looks amazing? Don’t they have the same traction?” We’re going to answer that question in a seemingly roundabout fashion. In fact, what we’re going
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Ebooks, Kindle and PDFs, Oh My!

Kindle & Ebook Design

When it comes to books nowadays, you’ll hear many terms thrown around pretty regularly: Ebook, PDF, Kindle, Nook, ePub, .mobi…the list goes on. We don’t blame you for being confused…it’s confusing. Don’t fret, we’re here to make some sense of this stuff for you. Luckily, despite the confusing terms, dot-whatever file types and cute device
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The Charfish Design Manifesto

Charfish Design Manifesto

Why a manifesto? Because in a world where everyone’s a designer, designing isn’t enough anymore. Clients want to know what’s behind their projects and the people that do them. Some say technology is making our world smaller but it’s really just making it more anonymous. There are professionals from every field available online. You can
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Free Goodies: Paint Textures

Paint Textures

Free Paint Textures for your designing pleasure. Oh yes! Everyone has spent the last month or so crying for the lack of free items, I know. So here you are, some funky peeling-paint textures. You can print these out and frame them for your living room, or you can download them and make your friends
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