Napkin Sketches for

If my mom had told me making money would be this fun, I’d have gone to check with my dad. recently hired me to create some napkin sketch style artwork for his sales/support process.

The sketches were created first with good ol’ pencil and paper and later redrawn in Illustrator. The final versions shown here represent the phases that any company goes through between its formation and its back end support structure:

I recently finished the redesign of The Reinvention Institute and wanted to give it some airplay here. It’s in the portfolio already, but I know not everyone heads in there.

The Reinvention Institute is run by Pamela Mitchell, its CEO and Chief Vision Officer. (Is that not the coolest title ever? Chief Vision Officer…love it.) Pamela is an amazing woman and was a total blast to work with. And to say she is a consummate professional is sort of like saying Winston Churchill was an alright orator.

Just because you use an out-of-the-box theme doesn’t mean you can’t make it something special.

I recently got the opportunity and honor to work with Leo Babauta, the creator of the ultra-successful ZenHabits blog.

Recently Leo released a new blog that is already well on its way to becoming ultra-successful in its own right. His new blog,, is a great place to pick up what Leo has to teach about the art and craft of writing.