Just because you use an out-of-the-box theme doesn’t mean you can’t make it something special.

I recently got the opportunity and honor to work with Leo Babauta, the creator of the ultra-successful ZenHabits blog.

Recently Leo released a new blog that is already well on its way to becoming ultra-successful in its own right. His new blog, WritetoDone.com, is a great place to pick up what Leo has to teach about the art and craft of writing.

How I Approach Logo Design – A Checklist

I recently had a client who wanted a logo designed for a line of diet bars. While I was interviewing him before starting my designs, one of my questions sparked an interesting answer from him. He said he was afraid of his diet products appearing “too diet”. He wanted something more “frivolous and comfortable” which
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The New Charfish Design

This site has changed about 400 times over the past few months. Anyone who’s come here any two days in succession probably watched the H2 colors shift from black to blue right under their eyes. Or maybe they saw the active links go from cream to off-chartreuse to slightly-more-off-chartreuse. Or the body text going from
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