The Charfish Design Manifesto

Charfish Design Manifesto

Why a manifesto? Because in a world where everyone’s a designer, designing isn’t enough anymore. Clients want to know what’s behind their projects and the people that do them. Some say technology is making our world smaller but it’s really just making it more anonymous. There are professionals from every field available online. You can
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What it means to me to be a designer

There are a million ways to make a living. Why did I choose this one?

I‘m not a designer for money.

I run a design business for money, but that’s a different thing. The money has always come as an incidental, as an effect and not the cause. I design and often people want to give me money for it. That’s a healthy relationship and a good way to stay alive.

But I design because I love it. I design because when I don’t, odd things happen inside me and the world takes on a certain pallor.

First, as a disclaimer to any future clients (love you!) let me say that very few clients fit into the client from hell category. If you’re an average Joe or Jane who’s spent the majority of your life not getting slugged square in the face, you’re excluded by a mile. Welcome! That said, here are
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