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Ebook designs are nothing new to this site. We’ve been doing them for quite a while, but at first glance you might not even know we do that kind of thing. What with all the talk about web design.

But the truth is, ebooks are our specialty. Websites are also our specialty. And logos.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you’ve bought a few ebooks and downloaded even more free ones over the years. With all this exposure, I bet we could agree on this fact:

All ebooks are not created equal

The vast majority of ebooks I’ve seen are either hideous or just adequate. Very very rarely have I seen one that was professional enough, in my opinion, to market.

See, hideous doesn’t work. And just adequate isn’t going to earn you a lot of customers either.

So I’m announcing, right here in bold type:

The Charfish Ebook and Document Design Service!

What’s the difference between your average ebook and a professional one? I’ll show you.

Here’s the average ebook:


The average ebook looks a lot like that one, right? It’s black on white and looks like the author just chose a standard Word template and called it a day. No color, no visual cues to pull the reader along, nothing. Just….blah.

Anyone can make an ebook like that. Which is exactly why you shouldn’t.

Here’s what you need, a professional ebook designed by Charfish!


Now, that’s an ebook! And those improvements are only a handful of the dozens that are possible.

We’ve got more posts, more examples and more information about this service coming up soon, but consider this our official announcement. Charfish is here, and from what our clients are saying, we’re dominating the ebook design field.

If you have any questions or any projects on the cooker, we are here for you and ready to get started on your ebook design. Contact us now to reserve a spot for the new year!

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Charlie Pabst is a guitar-wielding designer, a sharp-shooting writer, and a tell-it-like-it-is ever-kid. He is also not afraid of hyphens.

He is the founder of Charfish Design and Ignite Living.

You can read more about him here. And you should definitely follow him on Twitter.

4 Responses to “Professional Ebook and Document Design”

  1. I’m pretty excited about this post and this service, Charlie. I’ve searched Google for “ebook design” and just looking at the resulting websites, I wasn’t too impressed. There’s a whole different bit of class here at Charfish, both with your site and your ebook samples.

    I’ll have some stuff for you in the new year, so put me on the list.

  2. Anthony –

    Hey, man, I really appreciate that. I actually just searched Google for ebook design as well and had the same results. Not impressed with the sites…at least not enough to hire them. Not that I would. I’m just saying.

    But yeah, you’re on the list. You’ve got my email address so send me what you got when you got it and we’ll crank it out for you!

    Thanks for the comment and happy new year!

  3. Charlie- I found your site by (well, let’s just say) divine intervention. I am in the final stages of completing my ebook: Let Her Cheat and I thought, “Why not see what Charlie has to offer?”

    Money is very tight and I really have to watch where it goes. However, can you design an ebook cover as well as a nice theme for my blog/slash ebook site?



  4. Will –

    Thanks for getting in touch and for your questions.

    To be honest, I’d have to see what you have in mind first. With an ebook and website titled “Let Her Cheat” I’d want to be sure I’m not working on anything shifty.

    I’m not judging you or trying to jump to any conclusions. I just want to be sure, as you can probably understand. I’ve been party to cheating before, and it’s not a philosophy to which I’d lend my support or my professional hand.


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Subscribe to the Charfish Design Newsletter and get more design-related goodness than you can shake a stick at!

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