Derek Sivers

“Amazing job on my book cover design. Great work. Professional and perfectionist. I’m recommending him to everyone I know.”

– Derek Sivers, founder, Wood Egg,

“Charlie Pabst is the single most talented and reliable graphic designer I’ve ever used and I’m fortunate that one of my friends referred him to me. What’s great about Charlie is that he actually loves graphic design and makes the process fun. It’s not just a job for him, it’s a passion and there’s a big difference when someone truly cares about their work and the client relationship after being in business for years. I’ve used him for my websites and my client websites and there’s no one else I would turn to. If you want to work with a best-in-class designer choose Charlie.”

– Dan Schawbel, New York Times bestselling author of Promote Yourself and Founder of Millennial Branding

“Charlie, I can’t thank you enough. I’m not sure how I crossed your path several years ago, but professionally and personally speaking, it’s been one of the best discoveries I’ve made. Every time we work together I’m amazed by your talent, reliability, knowledge, and level of service provided. I’ve never known a designer who can flawlessly turn a tiny vision into a digital masterpiece like you can (and trust me on this because I’ve worked with A LOT of designers).

“I can honestly say I’ll never work with another design professional when it comes to the Web. You’ve stolen my heart, you’ve captured the essence of my brand, and your ability as a designer has taken my business to a whole new level – one line of code at a time. I’m exceptionally grateful. If you ever need a reference, PLEASE think of me. I’d love to sing your praises. Keep rockin’!”

– Marlee Ward,

Mark Kennedy
I came to Charlie to get help develop and design a quiz to engage with my readers and obtain new email subscribers. It was a less than straight forward project and he knocked it out of the park.

“Responsive, pleasant, creative, patient, funny (love a good laugh), easy to work with, value, vision, execution – these are words I would use to describe Charlie and my experience working with him.

“Highly recommended.”

– Mark Kennedy,

Naomi Dunford
Charlie is the shit. Officially, he does web design and ebook design and maybe some other stuff. But what I really like about Charlie? He gets it. I sent him an email saying, “I need cool buttons” and promptly left the country for the week. When I got back, I had perfection in my inbox. Charlie just gets it, and when you don’t speak Designer, that is critical. He is awesome.”

– Naomi Dunford,

I’ve been told that you can’t get great service, have it done fast, and have it be inexpensive … but Charlie Pabst broke that rule for me.

“He does high quality work quickly, without overcharging. I’m very pleased with his results and would recommend him to anyone looking for great design.”

– Leo Babauta,

You’re a f***ing genius! Being serious, Charlie, I have to say you’re a brilliant guy to work with and if you need any testimonial, video or written or anything else I would be extremely happy to do it, you’ve been an integral part of the step up for my small business and I won’t forget that and tell everyone about it.

“You never cease to amaze me, Charlie. Class in a glass!”

– Steven Aitchison,

Here is my barometer for a good designer: I give them my convoluted ideas and they turn them in a work of art. I am bad with design, bad with colors, bad with everything visual. Usually my experience with designers is less than stellar because they want me to have a near perfect vision for what I want and I can’t give that to them.

“Charlie always steps up the game and has designed one full website (with another coming soon), 4 information products, and a bunch of smaller projects for me. He is my immediate go-to any time I want something to look amazing and he should be your go to as well if you care about good design.

“Bam!! Pow! Kablam!”

– Karol Gajda, Roller Coaster Tour

Charlie has designed two eBooks for me that I give away for free to people interested in Outsourcing and Virtual Lifestyle Design. The professionalism, quality of work, creativeness, as well as the speed in which the work has been completed in has, quite frankly, blown me away. In my book, he’s the LEADER in this extremely important niche market for the entrepreneur with an online interest in spreading ideas and making money!”

– Chris C. Ducker,

Charfish Design is without question one of the best design companies out there. Charlie is so talented and great to work with. He brings your projects to life in such an amazingly creative and professional way that when you see the end product you wonder to yourself, ‘Wow, is that really my book?’

“I really can’t say enough good things about Charfish Design and their work. If you are looking for a company to design your eBook or do any other type of creative design project, you definitely want to use Charfish Design. You will get an amazing end product at an extremely reasonable price.”

– Sibyl Chavis, Possibility of Today

Dude, that’s like X-rated s**t right there. Loving it!”

– Amy Clover, Strong Inside Out
(Oh…and please note: We don’t do x-rated things here. Don’t ask.)

Charlie took my vague idea of what a good opt-in form and design should look like and blew it out of the water. I can’t even count the compliments I’ve got, but more importantly my conversion rate has tripled since my redesign! I couldn’t be happier with how my site looks, how it converts, and how great it was to work with Charlie.”

– Jason Fitzgerald,

Henri Junttila
“Like with any designer, I worry that they won’t get me, be fun to work with, and miss deadlines. And I had those fears with Charlie in the beginning, but they were quickly put to rest as we finished the first project.

“I’ve been working with Charlie since 2010 for a good reason: He designs beautiful covers, logos, websites, and everything you need. He gets it done on time. He’s great to work with. And he cares about the work he does. He wants to make sure I’m happy, which is rare. On top of all that, he’s damn fun to work with.

“What else can I say? If you’re hesitating, give Charlie a try. You won’t be sorry.”

– Henri Junttila,

I chose Charfish because it was clear to me that they were not only high quality, but were able to design websites around the essence of the person/company they were working for. So many of the comments about my website have been ‘it captures exactly who you are.’ This is exactly what I wanted.

“Further, working with Charlie has been more than satisfying – he is creative, easy, responsive, and efficient. More than this, working with him opened up my own creativity about what I wanted the website to express. I have recommended him already to several colleagues.”

– Daniel Stone,

I’m a local blog so traffic isn’t huge, but I went from 347 subscribers to 685 in one day!

“So In one single day (I launched yesterday, but had been teasing it for a few days on twitter), I got almost the same number of subscribers than I’ve gotten in the last 3 months combined.

“Everyone loves the ebook, and it’s already helped me to increase my signup rates tremendously. I mean, through the roof numbers, and I’ve gotten nothing but praise on how awesome and professional it looks. Thanks very much for your work.

“I will be back. Expect me.”

– Rohan Gilkes, Live Life Louder in D.C.

Charlie designed an e-book for me. He did everything I asked and more. He was amazingly prompt in his turn-around time, very patient with my changes, and did what I requested rather than pushing his ideas on me. His design work is exquisite – simple, elegant, and pleasing to the eye. I will unhesitatingly use him for my next project, and I recommend him without reservation.”

– Dennis Bumgarner,

I found Charlie Pabst while surfing online and decided to take a chance. I got lucky and hit the jackpot! He was a pleasure to work with, incorporated all my input and was flexible when I wanted some last-minute design changes. Despite a really tight turnaround, he delivered a quality home page that has already improved traffic to key areas of our website.”

– Pamela Mitchell,

Charfish Design did a top notch pro job formatting my ebooks and listening to my feedback and ideas!

“These formatted ebooks are like a pop hit on the radio to me…they make me feel good

“Having my ebooks look sharp makes me feel like a real author and that is a grand feeling. Thank you, Charlie.”

– Todd Omohundro,

Charlie took a two-minute conversation we had and from that created a wonderful blog for me.

“His creativity, passion and commitment to my project were truly amazing. What struck me the most during the course of the project was his outstanding customer service skills and patience. Even though I kept changing my mind, or changing direction, Charlie stood in there with me to make sure all of my expectations were met.

“There are a lot of unethical and shady companies on the Internet – Charlie’s is certainly not one of them. You can trust Charlie not only to deliver an eye-popping design, but also to do it with the utmost integrity and professionalism.”

– Alex Blackwell,

This has to be the best money I have spent in 15 years of being in business.

“Charfish must really love their work to change a black and white script into something that makes your heart jump for joy.

“When I saw my books developing I felt the excitement, anticipation and nervousness, but when I saw them completed the sense of magic and gratitude was awesome!”

– Sylvia Lerigo,

The new sales page has gotten 150 views so I thought I’d give you an update. There have been 6 sales for a conversion rate of 4%. Huge improvement over the 1% it was getting!”

– Billy Brew,

Charlie really exceeded my expectations with our ebook design – outstanding work, modestly priced with a fast turnaround! Thanks for making it so easy.”

– Dan Blystone, Traders Log

I had a great time working with Charfish Design. They worked very hard to match what I wanted and even though I asked for multiple changes and we went through different versions of my ebook design they were always gracious and swift. You can guess with whom I will work on my next ebook!”

– Jean-Philippe Touzeau ,

Damn, you did an amazing job! The design is even more beautiful than the content. My sister – who doesn’t know much about what I’m doing – couldn’t believe that I was part of something like this!”

– Moon, ExperimentsInPassiveIncome

The site looks awesome, I am thrilled. It is amazing what some talent and the right tools can do! I am impressed. Thank you for your effort.”

– Stephen Smith,