The New Charfish Design is Here

The long awaited, much anticipated new Charfish Design is here. It’s funky and fresh and is still covered with drops of morning dew.

While there was really nothing wrong with the old site, it was nonetheless a bit drab. It was drab in a pretty interesting way, but for a design blog, still pretty drab. The mundane quality of it actually deterred me from updating the blog as much as I’d like. It’s really no fun writing content for a blog that personally makes you go, “…meh.” It’s like putting on a silk suit after a hard day’s work in the sun, and not taking a shower first.

The new Charfish theme is based off a theme by Derek Powazek called Depo Clean. I’m a super picky guy when it comes to clean code and having things arranged in a logical manner. I’ve been disappointed by popular and often expensive WordPress themes which have code so messy that altering it was like a trip to the dentist. Derek’s theme is not like this. It’s clean and beautiful and working with it was a pleasure. You Premium theme sellers should take note.

Things that may be of interest

  • The Archives page is stellar, if I say so myself. Which I just did. It’s neat, tidy and shows everything I’ve done here at Charfish.
  • The Portfolio has been redone and updated with some recent work. A lot of the work in the portfolio was produced as a joint effort with Men with Pens and has been noted as such. To read more about my relationship with Men with Pens, read the original post by Pen Man James. I couldn’t say it any better than he does.
  • A slick new 404 Error page. Hey…just because it’s an error page doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, right?

What’s not new

The content itself is the same as it was, although I did delete a couple posts that were redundant to things already in the Portfolio. I also got rid of a couple categories that were bulking things up unnecessarily. But everything that was here before is still here in one place or another. If you discover any broken links in the coming months, give me a shout. In exchange I’ll shower you with my choice of either money or thanks.

Charfish HookThe hook. That’s right. I actually had one very specific request to NOT get rid of the hook. (Thanks, Kelly!) It’s still here. Not as much as the old site, but it’s here and wearing a new tux. By the way…if you need proof that branding matters, this paragraph speaks volumes.

Now what?

If it seems that Charfish is a foundering blog or small design firm that does one logo every trimester, don’t let appearances fool you. This is a very busy little design firm and things don’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.

That said, I’m first and foremost a writer. So while I may be designing a lot behind the scenes, I’d sure like to be writing more. And that’s what I’ll be doing, so you can expect more blog posts on a regular basis. Topics of note will be:

  • Basics of Design
  • Real, usable, applicable tips on freelancing
  • Tutorials on Illustrator, Photoshop, Cinema 4D and After Effects
  • Case studies on real-life projects
  • Process studies
  • A gazillion other things

What I’d like help with

While the readers here aren’t many, I can say that we’re a closely knit little bunch. As you can tell from the redesign, I do care what you think. I’d like to open up the comments to your thoughts on the redesign, topics you’d like to see here, etc. If you don’t feel like baring yourself to the public, feel free to drop me an email instead. But either way, I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for sticking with me through the rough stages. Here’s to the future!


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Charlie Pabst is a guitar-wielding designer, a sharp-shooting writer, and a tell-it-like-it-is ever-kid. He is also not afraid of hyphens.

He is the founder of Charfish Design and Ignite Living.

You can read more about him here. And you should definitely follow him on Twitter.

16 Responses to “The New Charfish Design is Here”

  1. First! Ha! Sometimes it pays to stay up late! (at least I hope I’m still first, got a little distracted there for a moment)

    Anyway, props to the Charfish! The site looks great and I love that textured bar at the top of the page.

    The portfolio page looks pretty sweet too – I’m sure James is going to say “We want that too!”

    *digs out some change and tosses it under the front seat*

  2. James & Harry –

    Fellas! I knew you guys would be first.

    Thanks for the kind words. This was a long process and I’m glad it’s done.

    Hey, Harry, I just noticed you’re “the immortal” now. Hahahhaha. Excellent.

  3. Charlie,

    Super-nice tux… everyone ought to have a hook, y’know. I say that just about every day to someone.

    Those boys, running you ragged, keeping you from writing for me… it ain’t right. I want more more more at this beautiful new place.

    Oh, and can I say, you’ve tweaked DepoClean more than I tweaked Soleil. Wow. I knew Depo, but I had to click just to be sure. Unrecognizable and utterly cool.

    I love the left “sidebar”, but my very favorite thing is the search bar. Sw-eet.



  4. Love the new look. And I’m glad the hook made it through the re-design. I also like that darn hook. Congratulations!

    Head Elephant

  5. Kelly –

    Hey hey, good to see you. I really appreciate your comment, especially the part about me needing to write more. Which I will. Though you may not know it, part of this site’s redesign was steered by you, so thanks much.

    As to the boys working me too hard, geez, I wonder who you’re talking about. Ahem… But really, give us about a month and you’ll see some real wonders in action!

    Thanks again, you! Be seeing you soon!

  6. Pablo & Clifford –

    Gentlemen, thank you very very much. I’m glad you like the new site and stopped by to tell me so. Hope to see you around here some more.

  7. Hey, Camilla the Head Elephant! I like that! So what’s Lillian’s title?

    Glad you like the redesign, too. And it looks like we’ll be talking again soon about other stuff soon.


  8. Hey Charlie! It’s funny you should ask. Lillian and I were discussing her business card this morning.

    Ms. Lillian has deemed herself the Head Fairy Princess! Ha! Now, how can a company go wrong when it’s run by a Head Elephant and a Head Fairy Princess!? Plus we have the best damned Pink Elephant logo of all the Pink Elephant logos in the entire universe!!

    Hugs back at ya!


  9. Charlie,

    The Internet is so cool. I’m inspiring you (yippee!), you’re inspiring me, and James finally got his wish and married ya.

    If only you’d seen that he was wooing you to work your fingers to the bone once he slipped the ring on your finger. *sigh*




  10. Very nice, Charlie! I feel a little deja vu saying this again today, but great textures. I do love that you kept the hook, and the detail of using it to flag your own comments is just right.

  11. Hey Nicole –

    It is a bit deja vu, isn’t it? But hey, that’s good. Nothing wrong with a little familiarity with our branding, right?

    Glad you like the hook in the comments! I wanted to do something different from the ordinary background color shift and I think that’s a good use for Mr. Hook.

  12. Sweet ass new website. I actually come here often and read up on you.

    You know, a little Patriot Act action…

    Just making sure you’re staying in line.

    I meant to leave a comment when the new site went up.

    It’s looking super sexy, my man!

    • Paul –

      Hey, bud, thanks! Much appreciated.

      And I’m glad you’re checking in from time to time, but let me know next time so I can hide the crack pipe.


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