What we can do for you…

Charfish Design specializes in creating things that look good and writing things that make sense.

That sounds general but it doesn’t mean we’re jacks of all trades, masters of none. The truth is that good design is based on principles that achieve a certain end. Color, layout, balance, stability…all of these, when done well, are the product of following compositional principles that have been around much longer than we have. Once you know these principles, it doesn’t matter if you’re drawing, painting, designing a website or even arranging type on a page.

Good design is simply good design. Along those lines, check out the info below to see what we can help you with right now.

Our Web Design Services

We design websites of all shapes and sizes, working with our clients to provide exactly what is needed and wanted. Our bare minimum requirements for any design that leaves the shop are:

  1. It must look good
  2. It must be easy to navigate

There are millions of variables that go into making a website, but those two will stand you in good stead. A website that looks horrible loses interest, traffic and money. And a website that is too complex or too difficult to navigate suffers the same fate. These are proven facts, borne out by many surveys on web-usage.

Within those confines, everything else is fair-game. Your site will look good and even Granny will be able to get from page to page.

Here’s a list of the web design services you may need us for:

  • Static CSS/XHTML websites
  • Blogs, with an emphasis on WordPress…the premier blog platform
  • Headers and Banners
  • Animated Ads
  • Sexy Icons
  • Content Writing
  • Maintenance
  • Reviews
  • Refreshes and updates to bring your site up to today’s standards
  • Consultations
  • Everything else you’d expect to see on such a list

If there’s something you need and want to talk details feel free to get in touch any time!

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Ebook and Print Design

Nobody does ebooks like we do. Nobody. Charfish Design has worked on some of the most popular and downright good-lookin’ ebooks you’ve seen around the net. And we mean it.

Each of our ebooks is an incredibly unique, one-of-a-kind masterpiece. We never ever ever work from templates, but instead start from a simple blank page containing only text. From there, we flesh out the design so it fits your writing and adds to quality of your personal brand. In this design stage we add textures, icons, unique fonts, drop caps and even 3D graphics where needed. There are no ebooks like Charfish ebooks.

Simply put, we do pretty much anything with graphics and our turnaround time is fast enough to fit your deadlines. We’ve worked with everyone from restaurant owners and dentists, to individual business owners and Fortune 500 companies. And we can work with you, too.

Here’s what we can do for you, the short version:

  • Logos
  • Identity items : business cards, stationary, envelopes
  • Website headers and banners
  • Ebooks : Cover design, killer typography and packaging
  • Brochures, corporate reports and pamphlets
  • Restaurant menus

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